Supply List Grades 3-5

Flowers Elementary School     
2014 - 2015 School Supply List     
Third Grade  Fourth Grade  Fifth Grade 
3 Packs of loose leaf notebook paper (Wide rule)  2 - 1 Inch 3 ring binders  Erasable blue or black pen 
1 Box of #2 pencils (to be kept by teacher)  1 Package of dividers (At least 5)  1 Inch binder with pockets 
Crayons  20 #2 Pencils 

***Please no Trapper Keepers or large notebooks. They do not fit in the
desks. No spiral notebooks.

3 Glue sticks 4 Glue sticks  1 Package plastic subject dividers 
with pockets
1 Zippered pouch (No boxes Wide rule notebook paper  1 Pencil sharpener with cover 
1 Set of multiplication flash cards (to be used at home)  Twistable crayons  Wide rule notebook paper daily 
1 Set of division flash cards (to be used at home)  Twistable colored pencils  2- #2 Pencils daily 
3 Rolls of paper towels  Markers  1 Zippered pouch (Cloth) 
3 Boxes of Kleenex  Zippered pouch  *** Items to be turned in to teachers: 
2 Bottles of Purell hand sanitizer  Scissors  2 Large glue sticks 
1 Bottle of hand soap  2 Bottles of hand sanitizer  1 Box of 16 crayon 
2 Reams of copy paper  1 Pack of copy paper  2 Boxes of #2 pencils 
4 folders with prongs and pockets (different colors)  2 Rolls of paper towels  2 Packages of wide rule paper 
1 Box of Band Aids  3 Extra large stretchable book covers  2 Boxes of Kleenex 
1 Pair of scissors  2 Boxes of Kleenex  2 Bottles of hand sanitizer 
1 Box of baby wipes  1 Bottle of hand soap  2 Rolls of paper towels 
*** Please do not send mechanical pencils.  2 Boxes of Kleenex  1 Ream of white copy paper 
*** Please do not send pencil sharpeners to school.   1 Ream of colored copy paper 
*** Please label all supplies with your child's name.   Markers 


If possible, please bring all supplies during "Open House".

  1 Natural bristle paint brush 
    2 Composition notebooks for reading 
    *** Girls bring
    1 Box of quart size zip lock bags 
    1 Box of disinfectant wipes 
    *** Boys bring
    1 Box of gallon size zip lock bags 
    Disinfectant spray (such as Lysol)
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