Flowers School Dress Code

Flowers Elementary School

Student Dress Code

Khaki-colored or navy blue (not blue jeans) pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers, capri pants, or overalls

Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be no higher than knee length from the crease of the back of the knee. Slits in skirts/dresses must meet the knee length regulation.

If the pants, shorts or skirts have belt loops then a belt must be worn. Standard belt buckles only (no oversized belt buckles). Students are to wear clothing that fits properly. Pants must be worn at the natural waistline (no sagging).

Oversized or undersized clothing, including skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, or shirts will not be allowed.

Solid red (not maroon), white or navy blue (not light blue) shirts, blouses, t-shirts with no writing or pictures on them.

Shirts and blouses must be tucked in at the natural waistline.

If undershirts or turtlenecks are worn under shirts then they must be red, white or navy blue. Girls may wear tights as long as they are solid red, white or navy blue. No leggings will be allowed. Shirts must not be revealing or skintight. If the shirts are sleeveless then they must be shoulder-cut (not spaghetti straps), snug under the arms with no undergarments showing. Shirts must be long enough to tuck in.

Shoes -

Students may wear any type of shoe as long as their feet are completely covered (No Crocs). Shoes may not have high heels (nothing more than a half inch heel). Students must be able to run in the shoes they wear because there will not be time to change into athletic shoes for P.E. Sandals, flip flops and bedroom slippers are not allowed even on "No Uniform" days.

Head Gear -

Bandannas, baseball caps, headbands, sweatbands, and scarves may not be worn at school.

Jewelry –

Visual piercing jewelry will be limited to ears only. Hoops larger than one inch will not be allowed. Jewelry that includes long necklaces, accessories with spikes or chains, heavy medallions, heavy bracelets, and large finger rings, will not be allowed.

Purses –

Girls will not be allowed to bring purses to school.

Junior Traffic Patrol Officers -

When the patrol squad is on duty their uniforms are considered part of the uniform dress code.

Please remember that clothes that are gray, maroon, light blue and yellow are not part of our dress code. Also, blue jeans are not part of our dress code.

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